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An Overview To The Different Avenues Of Psychiatry

What is the role of a school psychiatric consultant?

Most importantly it is their role to determine if the student comes from a sound psychiatric environment. The teacher acts as the first contact point who will make the judgment call if anything feels ‘’odd’’ in the case of a student and invites the school counsellor to have a chat with the child. Each student and each situation is handled different and with great care taking all the sensitivities that are presented into the equation. The main concerns discussed would be one’s mental health, safety while both at school and at home and most importantly, bullying.

A mental impairment assessment helps to understand if the child is under any circumstance of danger or in an environment unfit for a child and if need be under the advisement of the psychiatric consultant social services and other relevant authorities will place the child under protected custody.

What is medication management?

An occupational psychiatrist Melbourne will only prescribe medication if it is absolutely necessary. Therefore medication management is an integral part the patient’s treatment and will ensure that the therapy sessions will reach their optimum. Medication management also includes medical progress notes, blood testing, and imaging studies which are aimed to help to determine if the medicines are in simple words: doing what they are supposed to do.Here there is a challenge to overcome.i.e respecting the choice of the patient while being concerned for his safety and the others around him.

Who is referred to as an advance practitioner nurse?

This is someone who has a minimal professional qualification such as a nursing degree and is able to psychiatric patient in addition to the consultant. There are four kinds of board certified APNs (advance practitioner nurse) .They are:Nurse PractitionersNurse AnaesthetistsNurse MidwivesClinical Nurse SpecialistsLike the consultants they are authorized to order labs and medication to patients they diagnose and treat. In many parts of the world they do not only manage patients through their journey but assists consultants in cases that are very complex and severe. In places that a specialized physician is unavailable it is most often the APNs that help mental patients who would be destitute without them.

What is occupational psychiatry?

In a nutshell this refers to the exercise that employers carry out to determine if the employee in question is of mental soundness in order to perform in his role in the organization. This comes in handy when determining if they are ready to resume work subsequent to any life altering incidents in addition to the general psychic evaluations they conduct for certain job roles.